A Very Quick Welcome

Hello.  I’m John P., Capitalist.  My day job involves bulldozing immense piles of customer assets into various hiding places in the stock market. In other words, I manage equity assets for a living at a really big hedge fund.  The faster and more volatile, the better.  Let’s call my employer “Global Capitalism HQ” since they would get awful cranky if my real name and theirs were to come to light.

One of my major extracurricular interests, which will probably appear on this blog, is activism against the cult of Scientology. Though it is small (and decreasing) in size, Scientology is a danger to those trapped in its sinister web.

Importantly, as membership in the main cult dwindles, Scientology is pushing ever harder on front groups including Narconon, which on the surface appears to be a drug rehab program.  In reality, it uses practices that have been proven to be harmful, operating under a complete lack of medical supervision.  Instead of teaching patients how to stay clean and sober, these most vulnerable people are indoctrinated into Scientology teachings.  There are more front groups, and, like any good cancer, they are constantly metastasizing.

The average citizen doesn’t think Scientology is all that bad. After all, John Travolta and Tom Cruise are members…  But one thing my experience has consistently shown me:

With Scientology, things are always much worse than they first appear.  


About John P. Capitalist

I am a hedge fund money manager in NYC with eclectic outside interests.
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10 Responses to A Very Quick Welcome

  1. We in RTC approve of this blog.

  2. nessness says:

    although I don’t have any gløbal wealth worth mentioning in this company, my local wealth is something to be dealt with. I too am an anti hubbardian and someone who sees gains in a personal way, not ever something to be metered. Only parking, and even then, not so much.

  3. Michael Leonard Tilse says:

    Hi John, I love your long-form analysis of all things cultie.

  4. PeggyToo says:

    Yeaaa John P!!!
    You’re my hero!!!

  5. anyoldname1 says:

    Can’t wait to see your in depth analysis!

  6. DeckardCain says:

    JP, great idea. I made some comments in the Rodeo if you’re interested in help and/or ideas. You know how to get a hold of me….

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